Nitrogen Tires

Nitrogen Tire Inflation Improves 
Mileage and Saves YOU Money!!!

 Nitrogen tires get better gas mileage
As a result you save money and the environment

Nitrogen tires need to be filled less often and maintain higher pressure
Making them last longer, which reduces tire replacement costs

Oxidation from tires filled with oxygen can reduce your tire life.
Using Nitrogen to extend the life may save you money


- Increases Tire Life up to 30%
- Improves Fuel Economy
- Reduces the Chance of Tire Failure up to 50%
- Improves Braking and Handling
- Reduces Wheel Corrosion
- Reduces Running Tire Temperature
- Maintains Proper Tire Pressure

Nitrogen in tires is becoming a very popular
replacement for air, and for good reason. with 
proper inflation procedures and adequate purity 
nitrogen can provide amazing benefits. Converting 
o nitrogen in tires can improve your fuel economy
by up to 10% and increase your tire life by 30% or 
more while dramatically increasing the safety of 
your vehicle.