Fleet Account Qualifications

Ford Fleet Account Qualifications

Eligibility Requirements

If you are a Commercial, Rental, Fleet Management or Utility Company, you must have purchased, registered or leased 5 or more NEW vehicles (any make or model) in the company name during the current model year or within the last 12 months, OR currently operate a fleet of 15 or more vehicles, any make or model, (owned or leased) in the company name.

If you are a Government Agency, you must have purchased, registered or leased 1 new vehicle (any make or model) in the agency name during the current model year or within the lase 12 months, OR currently operate a fleet of 3 or more vehicles (owned or leased) in the agency name.

Ambulance Services and Transportation Companies customers seeking a Government FIN who are not an outright municipality, including ambulance Services are required to send in a Government Funding letter at the time of enrollment. This is only to be used by companies who provide transportation services, for example to medical appointments or usage within nursing homes and meet our government funding criteria. This would NOT include a City, County, Township, Borough, Parish, District, or Authority.

If you are a Taxi Company, you must have purchased, registered or leased 2 or more vehicles (any make or model) during the past model year or currently operate a fleet of 5 or more vehicles.

If you are a Limo, Livery, or Funeral Company, the following documentation is required: a For-Hire Permit, Livery License or a letter of Intent, in either the company or personal name. No minimum vehicle requirement.

  • Do you operate a fleet of Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles?
  • Are you a municipality?
  • Do you purchase vehicles through a government agency?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact your Fleet Manager, Ken Yeager, (770) 554-3035 ext. 1857 office or (678) 898-5654 cell/text to check on your account status.

How to Request a Ford Fleet Identification Number (FIN)

Step 1: Call you Ford Fleet Customer Information Center Representative (FCICR), Ken Yeager at (770) 554-3035 ext. 1857 or Register Online.

Step 2: When your documentation has been received and verified by the FCIC,your FIN Code will be activated. Please note: you may be asked to provide proof of ownership of the vehicles in your fleet. If s, please fax your proof of ownership to (770) 554-3036.


  • Current Vehicle Registrations
  • Insurance Schedules
  • Lease Agreements
  • Billing statements from a Leasing Company

Step 3: When verification is complete and finalized, you will receive a Ford Fleet welcome packet through the mail, with your FIN code, an access code for web registration and a list of incentives for the year. as a Ford Fleet customer, you and your company will have access to exclusive fleet benefits, specifically tailored for Ford Fleet:

  • Fleet Incentive and Program Information
  • Advance Notice of Product Information
  • Vehicle Option availability
  • Vehicle Order Status and Scheduling
  • Fleet Forecasting
  • E-mail Notification

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